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Development and features of hydro-membrane gas chromatography.
The HMGC/EI-MS system can be applied to the trace analysis of C1 to C3 volatile acids, volatile inorganic acids, and halogenated organic acids in water and gives a non-adsorption chromatogram based on the blocking effect of pre-ADSorbed water. Expand
A Study of Noise Reduction Method on Motorcycle
Gas Permeability of Silicon Oxide Films Formed by Radio-Frequency Plasma CVD
Silicon oxide films were prepared on polyethylene terephthalate film by radio-frequency plasma chemical vapor deposition using hexamethyl disiloxane (HMDSO) and oxygen gas and intentionally notExpand
Study on Predicative Evaluation Method of Noise Generated by Engine
The engine noise accounts for a relatively large percentage among the noises generated by a motorcycle. Among the Parts of the engine, the cover is important in design as well as a source of theExpand