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Kinematics of the northern Walker Lane: An incipient transform fault along the Pacific–North American plate boundary
In the western Great Basin of North America, a system of dextral faults accommodates 15%–25% of the Pacific–North American plate motion. The northern Walker Lane in northwest Nevada and northeastExpand
Eocene-Early Miocene paleotopography of the Sierra Nevada-Great Basin-Nevadaplano based on widespread ash-flow tuffs and paleovalleys
The distribution of Cenozoic ash-flow tuffs in the Great Basin and the Sierra Nevada of eastern California (United States) demonstrates that the region, commonly referred to as the Nevadaplano, wasExpand
The Hybrid Model — The Most Accommodating Structural Setting for Geothermal Power Generation in the Great Basin, Western USA
In our inventory of the structural settings of known geothermal systems (>400 total) in the extensional to transtensional terrane of the Great Basin in the western USA, we have found that stepoversExpand
3D analysis of geothermal fluid flow favorability: Brady’s, Nevada, USA
Geothermal circulation requires heat, permeability and fluids. Fracture permeability along discrete fault zones provides the pathways for fluid convection. Within individual faults, however, fluidExpand
The upper reaches of the Sierra Nevada auriferous gold channels, California and Nevada
The invention is directed to a process for improving workability of prealloyed powders, particularly those of the superalloy type, in which powder is cold reduced by subjecting it to the compressiveExpand
Regional Patterns of Geothermal Activity in the Great Basin Region , Western USA : Correlation With Strain Rates
The regional patterns of geothermal activity in the western USA correlate directly with strain rates derived from GPS geodetic data. In the Great Basin region, geothermal fields are concentrated inExpand
Geothermal systems in volcanic arcs: Volcanic characteristics and surface manifestations as indicators of geothermal potential and favorability worldwide
Abstract This paper brings a global perspective to volcanic arc geothermal assessments by evaluating trends and correlations of volcanic characteristic and surface manifestation data from world powerExpand
Favorable Tectonic and Structural Settings of Geothermal Systems in the Great Basin Region , Western USA : Proxies for Discovering Blind Geothermal Systems
We recently completed a comprehensive inventory of the structural settings of known geothermal systems (426 total, ≥37°C) in the extensional to transtensional terrane of the Great Basin region in theExpand
Play fairway analysis of geothermal resources across the State of Hawaii: 1. Geological, geophysical, and geochemical datasets
Abstract Phase 1 of a Play Fairway Analysis (PFA) of geothermal resource potential across the State of Hawaii was recently completed. The final products of this work include a statewide geothermalExpand