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Controlling the growth of future LEO debris populations with active debris removal
Abstract Active debris removal (ADR) was suggested as a potential means to remediate the low Earth orbit (LEO) debris environment as early as the 1980s. The reasons ADR has not become practical areExpand
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Determination of the Empirical Electrokinetic Equilibrium Condition of Microorganisms in Microfluidic Devices
The increased concern regarding emerging pathogens and antibiotic resistance has drawn interest in the development of rapid and robust microfluidic techniques to analyze microorganisms. The novelExpand
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Material Density Distribution of Small Debris in Earth Orbit
Over 200 spacecraft and rocket body breakups in Earth orbit have populated that regime with debris fragments in the sub-micron through meter size range. Though the largest debris fragments can causeExpand
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Challenges, Opportunities and Innovations in Social Work Field Education
This book collates and analyses the current research, debates, opportunities and practices in social work field education into one volume and contextualises this material within the broader contextExpand
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