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A randomized controlled trial of multisystemic therapy and a statutory therapeutic intervention for young offenders.
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is more effective in reducing youth offending and out-of-home placement in a large, ethnically diverse, urban U.K. sample than an equallyExpand
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Patients discharged from medium secure forensic psychiatry services: reconvictions and risk factors.
BACKGROUND Treatment within medium secure forensic psychiatry services is expected to reduce risk to the public. AIMS To measure the period prevalence and incidence of offending following dischargeExpand
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Assessment of somatic symptoms in British secondary school children using the Children's Somatization Inventory (CSI).
OBJECTIVE To present normative and psychometric data on somatic symptoms using the Children's Somatization Inventory (CSI) in a nonclinical sample of British young people, and to assess associationsExpand
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Comparing the developmental and behavioural characteristics of female and male juveniles who present with sexually abusive behaviour
Abstract Relatively few studies have compared female and male juveniles who sexually abuse. These studies have reported that while female juveniles with sexually abusive behaviour are more likely toExpand
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Children and adolescents who present with sexually abusive behaviour: A UK descriptive study
Abstract Background: This study describes the largest UK sample of young people presenting with sexually abusive behaviour to a fourth-tier NHS specialist service. Aims: To describe the psychosocialExpand
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What Makes a Good CAMHS Primary Mental Health Worker
Background:  The role of primary mental health worker (PMHW) in CAMHS was established in 1995 although comparatively little research has explored the attributes required to successfully undertakeExpand
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Developmental trajectories associated with juvenile sexually abusive behaviour and emerging severe personality disorder in childhood: 3 - year study.
BACKGROUND Little is known about the developmental trajectories of juveniles presenting with sexually abusive behaviour or emerging severe personality disorder traits. AIMS To investigate whetherExpand
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Economic Evaluation of Multisystemic Therapy for Young People at Risk for Continuing Criminal Activity in the UK
Objective To evaluate whether multisystemic therapy (MST) is more cost-effective than statutory interventions that are currently available for young offenders in England. Method A cost-offsetExpand
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Comparison of outcomes following after-care from forensic and general adult psychiatric services.
BACKGROUND Forensic psychiatry services are expanding in England and Wales but require support from general services for patient after-care. AIMS To compare outcomes following community after-careExpand
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Early-onset sexually harmful behaviour in childhood: a marker for life-course persistent antisocial behaviour?
While traditionally adolescent sexually harmful behaviour (SHB) has been considered beyond the domain of general delinquency, many adolescents showing SHB also show a pattern of non-sexual offending.Expand
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