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Variable Selection for Gaussian Process Models in Computer Experiments
A new, simple method for identifying active factors in computer screening experiments that only requires the generation of a new inert variable in the analysis and uses the posterior distribution of the inert factor as a reference distribution against which the importance of the experimental factors can be assessed. Expand
Simulation and Estimation of Extreme Quantiles and Extreme Probabilities
Let X be a random vector with distribution μ on ℝd and Φ be a mapping from ℝd to ℝ. That mapping acts as a black box, e.g., the result from some computer experiments for which no analyticalExpand
Adaptive estimation for inverse problems with noisy operators
Consider an inverse problem with random noise where we want to estimate a function f. Moreover, suppose that the operator A that we need to invert is not completely known: we know its eigenfunctionsExpand
Rate optimal estimation with the integration method in the presence of many covariates
For multivariate regressors, integrating the Nadaraya-Watson regression smoother produces estimators of the lower-dimensional marginal components that are asymptotically normally distributed, at theExpand
The Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation as a dominant factor of oceanic influence on climate
A multiple linear regression analysis of global annual mean near-surface air temperature (1900–2012) using the known radiative forcing and the El Nino–Southern Oscillation index as explanatoryExpand
Statistical Reconstruction for Cosmic Ray Muon Tomography
A maximum likelihood/expectation maximization maximization tomographic reconstruction algorithm designed for the technique which exploits the multiple Coulomb scattering of muon particles to perform nondestructive inspection without the use of artificial radiation. Expand
Predicting the number of fatal soft errors in Los Alamos national laboratory's ASC Q supercomputer
Early in the deployment of the Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC) Q supercomputer, a higher-than-expected number of single-node failures was observed. The elevated rate of single-node failuresExpand
Finite-Sample Confidence Envelopes for Shape-Restricted Densities
A conservative finite-sample simultaneous confidence envelope for a density can be found by solving a finite set of finite-dimensional linear programming problems if the density is known to beExpand
The Novel Coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, is Highly Contagious and More Infectious Than Initially Estimated
The novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is a recently emerged human pathogen that has spread widely since January 2020 and it is estimated that the number of infected individuals during early epidemic double every 2.4 days, and the R0 value is likely to be between 4.7 and 6.6. Expand
Metagenome Sequence Analysis of Filamentous Microbial Communities Obtained from Geochemically Distinct Geothermal Channels Reveals Specialization of Three Aquificales Lineages
The distribution of Aquificales populations and differences among functional genes involved in energy generation and electron transport is consistent with the hypothesis that geochemical parameters have resulted in niche specialization among members of the Aquificalses. Expand