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Double phase transition in the triangular antiferromagnet Ba3CoTa2O9.
Ba3CoTa2O9 undergoes two successive magnetic phase transitions at zero applied field, which is typical for triangular antiferromagnets with the easy-axis magnetic anisotropy, and the effective spin of Co2+ is found to be J  =‬1/2 at low temperatures due to the combined effect of crystal field and spin-orbit coupling. Expand
Magnetic dynamics across the in-field transition in Ca3Co2O6
The discovery of multiple coexisting magnetic phases in the crystallographically homogeneous compound ${\mathrm{Ca}}_{3}{\mathrm{Co}}_{2}{\mathrm{O}}_{6}$ has stimulated ongoing research activity. InExpand
Triangular and linear Co3 cluster based metal-organic frameworks: Structures and magnetic properties
Abstract We have synthesized three new cobalt based inorganic-organic hybrid materials by solvothermal method, these structure have either angular or linear trimeric cobalt cluster as a secondaryExpand
Magnetic field induced quantum spin liquid in the two coupled trillium lattices of K$_2$Ni$_2$(SO$_4$)$_3$
Quantum spin liquids are exotic states of matter which form when strongly frustrated magnetic interactions induce a highly entangled quantum paramagnet far below the energy scale of the magneticExpand