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Proto-calcite and proto-vaterite in amorphous calcium carbonates.
Amorphous order: Amorphous calcium carbonates (ACC) have an intrinsic structure relating to the crystalline polymorphs of calcite and vaterite. The proto-crystalline structures of calcite and vaterExpand
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Mechanisms and Kinetics for Sorption of CO2 on Bicontinuous Mesoporous Silica Modified with n-Propylamine
We studied equilibrium adsorption and uptake kinetics and identified molecular species that formed during sorption of carbon dioxide on amine-modified silica. Bicontinuous silicas (AMS-6 and MCM-48)Expand
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Nanostructural features of demosponge biosilica.
Recent interest in the optical and mechanical properties of silica structures made by living sponges, and the possibility of harnessing these mechanisms for the synthesis of advanced materials andExpand
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Structuring adsorbents and catalysts by processing of porous powders
Microporous materials such as zeolites, metal organic frameworks, activated carbons and aluminum phosphates are suitable for catalysis and separation applications. These high surface area materialsExpand
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Silicoaluminophosphates as CO2 sorbents
Silicoaluminophosphates (SAPO-17, SAPO-35, SAPO-56 and SAPO-RHO) synthesised via hydrothermal means are tested for their abilities to adsorb carbon dioxide. These 8-ring microporous phosphates showExpand
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Intravascular Lead Extraction Using Locking Stylets and Sheaths
BYRD, C.L., ET AL.: Intravascular Lead Extraction Using Locking Stylets and Sheaths. Chronic lead extraction using intravascular countertraction techniques was studied in patients with over 65Expand
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Multinuclear Solid-State NMR Studies of Ordered Mesoporous Bioactive Glasses
The local structures of highly ordered mesoporous bioactive CaO-SiO2-P2O5 glasses were investigated for variable Ca contents. 1H NMR revealed a diversity of hydrogen-bonded and "isolated" surface sExpand
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Sorbents for CO(2) capture from flue gas--aspects from materials and theoretical chemistry.
Predictions of future climate change have triggered a search for ways to reduce the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) assists this goal by reducingExpand
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NaKA sorbents with high CO(2)-over-N(2) selectivity and high capacity to adsorb CO(2).
The uptake of carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas by zeolite NaKA was studied. A very high ideal CO(2)-over-N(2) selectivity and a high CO(2) capacity were observed at an optimal K(+) content of 17 at.%.Expand
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Carbon dioxide capture on amine-rich carbonaceous materials derived from glucose.
The synthesis of carbonaceous materials with a high surface density of amino functions for CO(2) sorption and sequestration is reported. The amino-rich carbonaceous materials are characterized byExpand
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