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A checklist of Chironomid midges (Diptera: Chironomidae) of the Indian subcontinent
Abstract A checklist of the Chironomidae (Diptera) of the Indian subcontinent is presented. It incldes 313 species under 59 genera and four subfamilies.
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Records of Orthoclad species from the Darjeeling–Sikkim Himalayas of India (Diptera: Chironomidae), with notes on their ecology
Life stages of orthoclad species, Paracricotopus spinicornisn.sp., Parametriocnemus ornatocornis(Kieffer) and the immatures of Paraphaenocladius impensus albusalatusChaudhuri & Sinharay are describedExpand
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Dimorphisim in nuclear polyhedrosis virus (BmNPV) (Family: baculoviridae) causing ‘grasserie’ disease in silkworm (Bombyx mori L.): Light and electron microscopy and protein profile
The present study was aimed to microscopically assess dimorphism in nuclear polyhedrosis virus (BmNPV) responsible for ‘Grasserie’ disease in silkworm, Bombyx mori L. Tissue sections of infectedExpand
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Two new species of Myrmecolacidae (Strepsiptera) with first record of the genus Stichotrema Hofeneder from India
Summary Two new species of the family Myrmecolacidae, Myrmecolax comparilis n. sp. and Stichotrema sagax n. sp., are described from West Bengal, India. Myrmecolax comparilis is the third species ofExpand
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Improvement of Growth and Survival of the Juvenile Walking Catfish, Clarias batrachus (L.) (Siluriformes: Clariidae) Fed on Probiotics Encapsulated and Ascorbic Acid Enriched Chironomid Larvae
Effects of probiotics encapsulated and ascorbic acid enriched chironomid midge larvae as live feed on growth and survival of 12 day old Clarias batrachus juveniles (average weight 0.4 ± 0.06 g) wereExpand
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Association of exoenzyme-producing bacteria with chironomid larvae (Diptera: Chironomidae) in relation to the feeding habit.
Feeding habit of chironomid larvae in respect to several exoenzyme-producing bacteria along with enteric and gram-negative bacteria were examined. The study revealed that the larvae ingested mainlyExpand
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Seasonal variation of stylopization on white leafhopper Cofana spectra (Distant) (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) by Halictophagus australensis Perkins (Strepsiptera: Halictophagidae)
White leafhopper Cofana spectra (Distant) is considered as a minor pest of paddy in West Bengal. C. spectra is an established host of obligate endoparasitoid Strepsiptera Halictophagus australensisExpand
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Pathological Changes in Mermithid Nematode Infected Stictochironomus polystictus (Kieffer) (Diptera, Chironomidae, Chironominae)
Mermithid nematodes cause morphological and sexual anomalies in the pupae and adults of Stictochironomus polystictus (Kieffer). The parasite-induced changes resulted in the development of three typesExpand
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Records of chironomids of the tribe Pentaneurini (Diptera: Chironomidae) in the Eastern Himalayas of India
Abstract Larva, pupa and female imago of Paramerina ampliseta n. sp. and Rheopelopia tuberculata (Chaudhuri & Debnath 1987), pupa and male imago of Paramerina clara n. sp. and pupa of AblabesmyiaExpand
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New records of Polypedilum Kieffer (Diptera: Chironomidae) from India
Summary Adult males of Polypedilum (Polypedilum) exterflexus n. sp., P. (Tripodura) rectangulum n. sp. and life stages of P. (Tripodura) pruina Freeman are described from India. In addition, oneExpand
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