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The prevalence of hidradenitis suppurativa and its potential precursor lesions.
Hidradenitis suppurativa is significantly more common than hitherto estimated, and the female preponderance of patients is confirmed, except for patients with axillary lesions. Expand
Allergic contact sensitization in an unselected Danish population. The Glostrup Allergy Study, Denmark.
The distribution of allergic contact sensitization was assessed in an unselected population, living in western Copenhagen, Denmark, and positive reactions to nickel and thiomersal were found most frequently. Expand
Awareness, diagnosis, and treatment of depression
Barriers to diagnosing and treating depression include stigma; patient somatization and denial; physician knowledge and skill deficits; limited time; lack of availability of providers and treatments; limitations of third-party coverage; and restrictions on specialist, drug, and psychotherapeutic care. Expand
Hidradenitis suppurativa ‐ characteristics and consequences
The general characteristics of the disease and its impact on patients with an established diagnosis of hidradenitis suppurativa are described and those of an unselected general population sample are compared. Expand
The prevalence and morbidity of sensitization to fragrance mix I in the general population
Background  The prevalence of sensitization to fragrance mix (FM) I and Myroxylon pereirae (MP, balsam of Peru) has decreased in recent years among Danish women with dermatitis.
Bleeding complications to oral anticoagulant therapy: multivariate analysis of 1010 treatment years in 551 outpatients
Although no lethal episodes of bleeding occurred, the developing field of indications for oral anticoagulant therapy should be considered on the basis of a continuous substantial risk of major bleeding. Expand
Clinical severity and prognosis of hand eczema
This study highlights the need for more information on factors that maintain symptoms of hand eczema, which is a frequent, long‐lasting disease with both personal and societal repercussions. Expand
Report of the Council on Scientific Affairs*: Unlabeled Indications of Food and Drug Administration-Approved Drugs
The AMA's Council on Scientific Affairs reviews and makes recommendations on four important subjects related to unlabeled uses: clinical significance and prescribing; coverage and reimbursement; dissemination of information by pharmaceutical manufacturers; and improving the Supplemental New-Drug Application (SNDA) process. Expand
Use of antimicrobial agents in consumer products.
The use of common antimicrobials for which acquired bacterial resistance has been demonstrated should be discontinued in consumer products unless data emerge to conclusively show that such resistance has no effect on public health and that such products are effective at preventing infection. Expand
Drug Interactions Between Oral Contraceptives and Antibiotics
Rifampin impairs the effectiveness of OCs and Pharmacokinetic studies of other antibiotics have not shown any systematic interaction between antibiotics and OC steroids, and individual patients do show large decreases in the plasma concentrations of ethinyl estradiol when they take certain other antibiotics, notably tetracycline and penicillin derivatives. Expand