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Enhanced electrochemical performance of <30 nm thin LiMnPO4 nanorods with a reduced amount of carbon as a cathode for lithium ion batteries
Abstract 5–10 nm thin rod shaped LiMnPO 4 nanoparticles are synthesized by an improved thermal decomposition method. The synthesis parameters such as the concentration of surfactants, reactionExpand
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Chronic cough of unknown causes and gastroesophageal reflux disease: the incidence and treatment response
Background : Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a common cause of chronic cough. Nevertheless the incidence of GERD is low in Korea. We evaluated the necessity of tests for GERD as a cause ofExpand
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Layer-by-layer grown scalable redox-active ruthenium-based molecular multilayer thin films for electrochemical applications and beyond.
Here we report the first study on the electrochemical energy storage application of a surface-immobilized ruthenium complex multilayer thin film with anion storage capability. We employed a novelExpand
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Nanoparticle shapes of LiMnPO4, Li+ diffusion orientation and diffusion coefficients for high volumetric energy Li+ ion cathodes
Abstract Nanoparticles of LiMnPO4 were fabricated in rod, elongated as well as cubic shapes. The 1D Li+ preferred diffusion direction for each shape was determined via electron diffraction spotExpand
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Early-Stage Sustainability Evaluation of Nanoscale Cathode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries.
Results of an early-stage sustainability evaluation of two development strategies for new nanoscale cathode materials for Li-ion batteries are reported: (i) a new production pathway for an existingExpand
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The effect of carbon morphology on the LiCoO2 cathode of lithium ion batteries
Abstract Conductive carbon coatings on cathode materials play a critical role in the electrochemical performance of lithium ion batteries due to the increased electronic conductivity and theExpand
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A rational method to kinetically control the rate-determining step to explore efficient electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction
A novel, rational, and efficient way to explore high-performance electrocatalysts was developed by controlling the reaction kinetics of the rate-determining step (RDS). Density functional theoryExpand
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Effect of planarity on the 3D integration in 3-D integrated CMOS image sensor
In this work, some of the tradeoffs that need to be considered in optimizing a back-illuminated (BSI) sensor were described. Expand
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Hybrid Solid-Phase Extraction for Selective Determination of Methamphetamine and Amphetamine in Dyed Hair by Using Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry
Sample preparation is an important step in the isolation of target compounds from complex matrices to perform their reliable and accurate analysis. Hair samples are commonly pulverized or processedExpand
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Nanomaterials Meet Li-ion Batteries.
Li-ion batteries are used in many applications in everyday life: cell phones, laser pointers, laptops, cordless drillers or saws, bikes and even cars. Yet, there is room for improvement in order toExpand
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