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Ecology of Coarse Woody Debris in Temperate Ecosystems
Publisher Summary This chapter reviews the rates at which Coarse Woody Debris (CWD) is added and removed from ecosystems, the biomass found in streams and forests, and many functions that CWD serves.Expand
Density of Fish and Salamanders in Relation to Riparian Canopy and Physical Habitat in Streams of the Northwestern United States
Relationships between density of fish and salamanders, riparian canopy, and physical habitat were investigated by studying 10 pairs of streams. Among vertebrate taxa, salmonids and sculpins were moreExpand
Effects of Canopy, Substrate Composition, and Gradient on the Structure of Macroinvertebrate Communities in Cascade Range Streams of Oregon
The relative importance of surrounding riparian vegetation and substrate composition on invertebrate community structure was investigated in six streams in Oregon, USA. We found that canopy type wasExpand
Effects of canopy modification and accumulated sediment on stream communities.
Abstract Small streams differing in sediment composition were compared in logged and forested reaches to determine effects of accumulated fine sediment on stream communities under different trophicExpand
Influences of Diet on the Life Histories of Aquatic Insects
Benthic species are partitioned into functional feeding groups based on food-acquiring mechanisms. Effects of food quality on voltinism, growth rate, and size at maturity are demonstrated forExpand
The Role of Aquatic Invertebrates in Processing of Wood Debris in Coniferous Forest Streams
A study of the wood-associated invertebrates was undertaken in seven streams of the Coast and Cascade Mountains of Oregon. The amount of wood debris was determined in terms of both weight and surfaceExpand
Anthocoridae of the Pacific Northwest with Notes on Distributions, Life Histories, and Habits (Heteroptera)
This paper is an account of the distributions of the Anthocoridae of the Pacific Northwest (British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho), with notes on the life histories of the more commonExpand
Rates of development and sizes of adults at 23 –2° were determined for six species of Anthocoris reared on a series of host insects. Relative food value of the test prey varied between species ofExpand
Influence of disturbance on insect communities in Pacific Northwest streams
Coniferous forests of the Pacific Northwest provide a unique setting for stream ecology research because of the great age of the forests and the important role of wood debris in structuring aquaticExpand
Depressant Effect of Moonlight on Activity of Aquatic Insects
INVESTIGATIONS by Waters1, Müller2–5, and Wickett6 have conclusively demonstrated the diurnal periodicity of downstream drift of aquatic insects and other invertebrates. Prior to theseExpand