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Sesquiterpenes of nine european liverworts from the genera, Anastrepta, bazzania, jungermannia, lepidozia and Scapania
The barbatenes prove to be present in detectable amounts in all but one species and new chemical evidence does not support the previously assigned structure but is consistent with a structure diastereomeric to trichodiene. Expand
Multichannel imaging spectrophotometer for direct analysis of mixtures on thin-layer chromatography plates
Description d'un appareil permettant d'obtenir rapidement sous forme numerique un spectre d'absorption complet pour chaque point d'une plaque chromatographique en couche mince
Widespread occurrence of two heteroannular dienes of the cadalane skeleton
Abstract Zonarene (II) and its epimer (I) have been identified as constituents in nine essential oils. Their structures and absolute configurations are established through chemical interrelationshipExpand
(+)-α-Selinene, and enantiomeric eudesmane fromChiloscyphus polyanthus (L.) corda
Nachweis des optischen Isomeren eines Sesquiterpens im LebermoosChiloscyphus polyanthus mit (+)-α-Selinen als Hauptanteil.
Metal‐acetylacetonate chelate crosslinked gels
Polymers containing pendant acetylacetonate (acac) groups suitable for crosslinking through metal complex formation are described. Diene-based copolymers, polystyrene, and polydimethylsiloxane, eachExpand
Elastomers from Polymeric Chelates
Abstract In the previous work, we demonstrated that gels may be formed from polymeric acetylacetonate chelates. Now it has been shown that useful elastomers can be prepared from these derivatizedExpand
Phase Separation and Magnetism in High Tc Superconductors