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[Septate gallbladder (author's transl)].
In 3,8% of 2,437 in-side patients, examined by x-rays, septs of the gallbladder, supposed to be congenital form variations, were found. There were no differences in sex distribution of the segmentedExpand
Chiba-needle percutaneous cholangiography - a method without risk to the patient?
Even after the Chiba needle or other techniques have become established, peritoneoscopy is still of value in the diagnosis of cholestasis and optimistic reports should be judged with a certain reserve. Expand
[Percutaneous transhepatic--versus endoscopic retrograde cholangiography in the differential diagnosis of cholestasis? (author's transl)].
It is stressed, that even by using skinny needles there is danger of bile leakage, which necessitates an immediate surgical intervention in the presence of biliary obstruction, so in all other cases the PTC by means of the Chiba needle is superior. Expand
[Paget-von Schroetter-syndrome (awthor's transl)].
Phlebography and early thrombolytic treatment are required in 3 cases of thrombosis of the axillary vein (Paget-von Schroetter-syndrome). Expand