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Cyclic dynamics of sympatric lemming populations on Bylot Island, Nunavut, Canada
We characterized the fluctuations (amplitude, periodicity) of two sympatric species, the brown lemming (Lemmus sibiricus (Kerr, 1792)) and the northern collared lemming (Dicrostonyx groenlandicusExpand
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Demography of two lemming species on Bylot Island, Nunavut, Canada
Lemmings play a key role in the tundra food web and their widely reported cyclic oscillations in abundance may have a strong effect on other components of the ecosystem. We documented seasonal andExpand
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Simultaneous removal of nitrate and sulfate from greenhouse wastewater by constructed wetlands.
This study evaluated the effectiveness of C-enriched subsurface-flow constructed wetlands in reducing high concentrations of nitrate (NO) and sulfate (SO) in greenhouse wastewaters. ConstructedExpand
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Auctioning airport slots (
The current allocation of slots on congested European airports constitutes an obstacle to the effective liberalisation of air transportation undertaken in Europe. With a view to favouring efficientExpand
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Using lotteries in auctions when buyers collude
This paper studies the optimal auction for a seller who is bound to sell a single item to one of two potential buyers organized in a ”well-coordinated” cartel. After discussing the way the cartelExpand
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Removal of plant pathogens from recycled greenhouse wastewater using constructed wetlands
Because of the lack of high-quality water and the potential pollution of groundwater by leached nutrients, recirculation of nutrient solutions for greenhouse production is now unavoidable. AlthoughExpand
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Persistence of fenhexamid in the nutrient solution of a closed cropping system
There are concerns about emissions of plant protection products (PPP) from protected cultivations, including high-tech production systems. Modern high-tech greenhouse horticulture is performed inExpand
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Monitoring rhizosphere microbial communities in healthy and Pythium ultimum inoculated tomato plants in soilless growing systems
Abstract Closed hydroponic growing systems are commonly used for greenhouse production of vegetables. One of the main problems associated with these systems is the potential spread of plant rootExpand
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Toxicity of tailing leachates from a niobium mine toward three aquatic organisms.
The aim of this research was to assess the ecotoxicity of leachates originating from a niobium mine located in Canada. These tailings contain considerable amounts of carbonates and phosphates andExpand
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