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Fact, Fiction, and Forecast
liELsoN Goodman's second book,1 which represents?excepting the first chapter, a reprint of the well-known paper, "The Prob lem of Counterfactual Conditionals"?the "Special Lectures in Philosophy" heExpand
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Languages of art : an approach to a theory of symbols
"Like Dewey, he has revolted against the empiricist dogma and the Kantian dualisms which have compartmentalized philosophical thought...Unlike Dewey, he has provided detailed incisive argumentation,Expand
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Ways of Worldmaking.
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The Calculus of Individuals and Its Uses
An individual or whole we understand to be whatever is represented in any given discourse by signs belonging to the lowest logical type of which that discourse makes use. Expand
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Steps Toward a Constructive Nominalism
We renounce all use of predicates and other words that are often taken to name abstract objects. Expand
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Reconceptions in Philosophy and Other Arts and Sciences.
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The Semantic Conception of Truth and the Foundations of Semantics
X is true if, and only if, p. [...] we shall call a definition of truth “adequate” if all these equivalences follow from it. [...] The definition of truth which was outlined above [...] implies allExpand
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The Problem of Counterfactual Conditionals.
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L'art en théorie et en action
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