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Analysis of Time Series Structure - SSA and Related Techniques
Analysis of Time Series Structure: SSA and Related Techniques provides a careful, lucid description of its general theory and methodology.Over the last 15 years, singular spectrum analysis has proven very successful. Expand
Analysis of time series structure
Analysis of time series structure , Analysis of time series structure , کتابخانه دیجیتال جندی شاپور اهواز
The "Caterpillar"-SSA method for analysis of time series with missing values
The paper concerns the problem of applying singular spectrum analysis to time series with missing data. A method of filling in the missing data is proposed and is applied to time series of finiteExpand
On the choice of parameters in Singular Spectrum Analysis and related subspace-based methods
In the present paper we investigate methods related to both the Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA) and subspace-based methods in signal processing. Expand
Basic Singular Spectrum Analysis and forecasting with R
We present the Rssa package, which efficiently implements the SSA algorithms and methodology in R, are described. Expand
SSA-based approaches to analysis and forecast of multidimensional time series
Reconstruction and forecast of multidimensional signals in the presence of noise is considered. SSA-based methods (MSSA, CSSA) are applied. Comparison of approaches and investigation of theirExpand
Multivariate and 2D Extensions of Singular Spectrum Analysis with the Rssa Package
Implementation of multivariate and 2D extensions of singular spectrum analysis (SSA) by means of the R package Rssa. Expand
Variations of singular spectrum analysis for separability improvement: non-orthogonal decompositions of time series
Singular spectrum analysis (SSA) as a nonparametric tool for decomposition of an observed time series into sum of interpretable components such as trend, oscillations and noise is considered. TheExpand
Gene Expression Noise in Spatial Patterning: hunchback Promoter Structure Affects Noise Amplitude and Distribution in Drosophila Segmentation
We use a stochastic model of the hb promoter in which the number and strength of Bcd and Hb (self-regulatory) binding sites can be varied. Expand
Singular Spectrum Analysis of Gene Expression Profiles of Early Drosophila embryo: Exponential-in-Distance Patterns
We present investigation of gene expression profiles by means of singular spectrum analysis (SSA). Expand