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Dispersal characteristics of three odonate species in a patchy habitat
Dispersal has a potentially profound effect on the dynamics of populations especially when a population occupies a patchy habitat. Ponds surrounded by terrestrial landscape are an example of patchyExpand
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Groundwater biodiversity in Europe.
SUMMARY 1. The spatial patterns of groundwater biodiversity in Europe remain poorly known, yet their knowledge is essential to understand local variation in groundwater assemblages and to developExpand
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Seasonal variations in the physical and chemical characteristics of ponds: implications for biodiversity conservation
1. The natural evolution of ponds leads to the filling up of these small ecosystems, and human intervention may sometimes be necessary to ensure their continued nature conservation interest. 2. Expand
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Breakdown and Invertebrate Colonization of Leaf Litter in Two Contrasting Streams, Significance of Oligochaetes in a Large River
The breakdown of willow (Salix alba) and beech (Fagus silvatica) leaves and their colonization by invertebrates were studied in a third-order mountain stream (breakdown rate k = 0.0147 and 0.0052·Expand
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Directionality of pre- and post-breeding migrations of a marbled newt population (Triturus marmoratus) : implications for buffer zone management
1. The marbled newt, Triturus marmoratus, is a vulnerable urodele species (listed on Annex IV of the European Habitats Directive). However, biological information about their migration and theExpand
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New species of the genus Trichodrilus (Oligochaeta, Lumbriculidae)
Five new species of the genus Trichodrilus are described: Trichodrilus longipenis. sp. n. T: rouchi sp. n. T. capilliformis sp. n. and T. angelieri sp. n. from hyporhcic waters of the IberianExpand
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Oligochaetes in southern European groundwater: New records and an overview
This work deals with an overview of the faunal composition and presents a general ecological approach to the groundwater oligochaetes in southern Europe. The species richness is high and similar toExpand
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The distribution of aquatic oligochaetes in the south and eastern Mediterranean area
On the basis of the material collected in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey, and published data, mainly on Israel and Egypt, we try to establish a synthesis of the geographicalExpand
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Deux nouvelles espèces d'Enchytraeus (Oligochaeta, Enchytraeidae) et redescription d'E. bigeminus Niel. Chr. Remarques sur le genre Enchytraeus
Ce travail comprend la description de 2 nouvelles especes d'Enchytraeus : E. varithecatus n. sp. et E. variatus n. sp. et la redescription d'E. bigeminus Niel. & Chr. Ces 3 especes ont ete obtenues aExpand
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Cycle biologique et production de Sialis lutaria L. (Megaloptera) dans le lac de Port-Bielh (Pyrénées Centrales)
Une population de Sialis lutaria a ete etudiee de 1969 a 1971 dans le lac de Port-Bielh (2 285 m, Pyrenees-Centrales). Dix stades larvaires ont ete denombres. Le cycle de developpement dure troisExpand
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