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ASPECS: an agent-oriented software process for engineering complex systems
Holonic multiagent systems (HMAS) offer a promising software engineering approach for developing complex open software systems. However the process of building Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) and HMAS isExpand
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A Review and Taxonomy of Interactive Optimization Methods in Operations Research
This article presents a review and a classification of interactive optimization methods. These interactive methods are used for solving optimization problems. The interaction with an end user orExpand
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SARL: A General-Purpose Agent-Oriented Programming Language
Complex software systems development require appropriate high-level features to better and easily tackle the new requirements in terms of interactions, concurrency and distribution. This requires aExpand
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An Organisational Platform for Holonic and Multiagent Systems
janus is a new multiagent platform that was specifically designed to deal with the implementation and deployment of holonic and multiagent systems. It is based on an organisational approach and itsExpand
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The Metamodel: a Starting Point for Design Processes Construction
The construction of ad-hoc design processes following the Situational Method Engineering (SME) paradigm is currently carried out by adopting a set of phases for which, until now, no well definedExpand
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Systèmes multi--agents holoniques : de l'analyse à l'implantation : méta-modèle, méthodologie, et simulation multi-niveaux
Cette these propose un guide methodologique pour l'analyse, la conception, l'implantation et la simulation des Systemes Multi-Agents Holoniques (SMAH). Ce type de systeme repose sur une structureExpand
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Holonic multilevel simulation of complex systems: Application to real-time pedestrians simulation in virtual urban environment
Abstract Simulation, which creates abstractions of the system is an appropriate approach for studying complex systems that are inaccessible through direct observation and measurement. The problemExpand
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An ontology-based metamodel for multiagent-based simulations
Multiagent-based simulations enable us to validate dierent use-case scenarios in a lot of application domains. The idea is to develop a realistic virtual environment to test particular domain-specicExpand
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Multi-agent simulation of individual mobility behavior in carpooling
Carpooling is an emerging alternative transportation mode that is eco-friendly and sustainable as it enables commuters to save time, travel resource, reduce emission and traffic congestion. TheExpand
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An Analysis and Design Concept for Self-organization in Holonic Multi-agent Systems
Holonic Multi-Agent Systems (HMAS) are a convenient way to engineer complex and open systems. HMAS are based upon self-similar entities, called holons, which define an organizational structure calledExpand
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