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Vibrational Spectra of TlGaTe2, TlInTe2, and TlInSe2 Layer Single Crystals
Polarized IR-reflection and Raman scattering spectra are obtained for TlGaTe2, TlInTe2, and TlInSe2 crystals (space group D). The IR-reflection spectra of all the crystals show the presence of two (EExpand
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Temperature dependence of the Raman-active phonon frequencies in indium sulfide
The temperature dependence of the Raman-active mode frequencies in indium sulfide was measured in the range from 10 to 300 K. The analysis of the temperature dependence of the Ag intralayer opticalExpand
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Photoelectronic and electrical properties of CuIn5S8 single crystals
To identify the impurity levels in CuIn5S8 single crystals, the dark electrical conductivity and photoconductivity measurements were carried out in the temperature range of 50–460 K. The data reflectExpand
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Crystal data, electrical resistivity, and Hall mobility of n-type AgIn5S8 single crystals
The X-ray diffraction has revealed that AgIn 5 S 8 is a single phase crystal of cubic spinel structure. The value of the unit cell parameter for this crystal is 1.08286 nm. The electrical resistivityExpand
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Thermoluminescence in gallium sulfide crystals: an unusual heating rate dependence
Trap centres in gallium sulfide single crystals have been investigated by thermoluminescence measurements in the temperature range of 10–230 K. A curve-fitting method was utilized to evaluate theExpand
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Temperature- and excitation intensity-dependent photoluminescence in Ga4Se3S layered crystals
Abstract Photoluminescence (PL) spectra of Ga 4 Se 3 S layered single crystals have been studied in the wavelength region of 535–855 nm and in the temperature range of 16–200 K. Two PL bands centeredExpand
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Raman Spectroscopy of Soft and Rigid Modes in Ferroelectric TlInS2
Low-frequency Raman spectra of a TlInS2 single crystal in the vicinity of a ferroelectric phase transition are reported. In the ferroelectric phase a soft mode interacting with some rigid modes isExpand
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