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VEP associated with pupillary responses for objective evaluation of the visual field
This paper describes the design of an instrument for the functional and objective evaluation of the visual field, as well as an ophthalmologic methodology based on a video-oculography system (VOG).Expand
Dynamic Visual Acuity Associated With Eye Movements And Pupillary Responses
Objectively was evaluate dynamic visual acuity (DVA), using moving optotypes, while monitoring eye movements and pupillary responses and found that when a large dilatation of the pupil is presented coincided with a pause eye movement, when the viewer leaves to see clearly the letter of Snellen. Expand
Dynamic visual acuity using video-oculography
The objective measure of DVA was obtained applying the technique of video-oculography (VOG) in which it is possible to detect and analyze the pupillary responses and eye movement by means of image processing. Expand