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Weighted Gene Coexpression Network Analysis Reveals the Critical lncRNAs and mRNAs in Development of Hirschsprung's Disease
The findings indicated the hub lncRNAs as well as hub mRNAs, including CYCS, CCND1, BDKRB, ITGA6, and TNNC1, might involve in the progression of HSCR, and these genes might provide new clinical biomarkers for risk evaluation of H SCR.
Abundance and Significance of Neuroligin-1 and Neurexin II in the Enteric Nervous System of Embryonic Rats
Neuroligin-1 and neurexin II were both expressed in the ENS and have temporal correlation with the development of ENS, during which neuronal intestinal malformations (NIM) may occur due to their disruptions and consequent abnormal ENS development.
Aberrant Distributions of Collagen I, III and IV in Hirschsprung's Disease.
Col I and Col III are decreased and Col IV is increased in the distal colon of HSCR patients, and the relative levels of these collagens in aganglionic, transitional, and ganglionic colon segments are examined.
Down‐regulation of fibronectin and the correlated expression of neuroligin in hirschsprung disease
The goal of this study was to investigate the expression of fibronectin (FN) and the correlated abundance of neuroligins (NLs) in the enteric nervous system (ENS) and to find a novel diagnostic
Increased Fibronectin Impairs the Function of Excitatory/Inhibitory Synapses in Hirschsprung Disease
Results are consistent with the idea that the etiology of HSCR involves aberrant overexpression of FN, which may impair synaptic function and enteric nervous system development, leading to motor dysfunction of intestinal muscles.
Effect of Neuroligin1 and Neurexin1 on the Colonic Motility in a Mouse Model of Neuronal Intestinal Dysplasia
NL1 and NX1 are closely related to the colonic motility through their effects of targeting the formation of glutamatergic synapses and may be involved in the pathogenesis of NID.
The inverse relationship between fibronectin and neuroligins in the embryonic rat colon
The studies showed that there were downregulatory effects between FN and the NLs in the embryonic rat colon and different cell lines, indicating that FN and NLs could directly regulate each other, and there is a negative linear correlation between them.