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Nations Unbound: Transnational Projects, Postcolonial Predicaments and Deterritorialized Nation-States
Transnational projects - a new perspective theoretical issues the making of West Indian transmigrant populations - examples from St Vincent and Grenada the establishment of Haitian transnationalExpand
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From immigrant to transmigrant : Theorizing transnational migration
Contemporary immigrants cannot be characterized as the « uprooted » . Many are transmigrants, becoming firmly rooted in their new country but maintaining multiple linkages to their homeland. While inExpand
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Conceptualizing Simultaneity: A Transnational Social Field Perspective on Society 1
This article explores the social theory and consequent methodology that underpins studies of transnational migration. First, we propose a social field approach to the study of migration andExpand
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Towards a Transnational Perspective on Migration: Race, Class, Ethnicity, and Nationalism Reconsidered
This is a collection of papers prepared for a workshop on developing a transnational perspective on migration with the focus on migration to the United States. "Immigrants are understood to beExpand
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Transnationalism: A New Analytic Framework for Understanding Migration
Our earlier conceptions of immigrant and migrant n o longer suffice. The word immigrant evokes images of permanent rupture, of the uprooted, the abandonment of old patterns and the painful learningExpand
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Cultural Citizenship as Subject-Making: Immigrants Negotiate Racial and Cultural Boundaries in the United States [and Comments and Reply]
This paper views cultural citizenship as a process of self-making and being-made in relation to nation-states and transnational processes. Whereas some scholars claim that racism has been replaced byExpand
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Georges woke up laughing
Combining history, autobiography, and ethnography, Georges Woke Up Laughing provides a portrait of the Haitian experience of migration to the United States that illuminates the phenomenon ofExpand
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Regimes of Mobility Across the Globe
Mobility studies emerged from a postmodern moment in which global ‘flows’ of capital, people and objects were increasingly noted and celebrated. Within this new scholarship, categories of migrancyExpand
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Towards a Comparative Theory of Locality in Migration Studies: Migrant Incorporation and City Scale
Building on the scholarship that theorises the restructuring of cities within neoliberal globalisation, this article calls for a comparative scalar approach to migrant settlement and transnationalExpand
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George woke up laughing: long distance nationalism and the search for home
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