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Modelling the acoustic effect of swimbladder compression in herring
Summary Analytical expressions describing the fish-backscatteringcross-section, averaged over various geometrical and bio-acoustic parameters, have been obtained. Employing thesesolutions, theExpand
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Acoustic backscattering by Atlantic mackerel as being representative of fish that lack a swimbladder. Backscattering by individual fish
Developing acoustic methods for the identification of fish remains a long-term objective of fisheries acoustics. The accuracy of abundance estimation may be increased when the acoustic-scatteringExpand
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Modelling the effect of swimbladder compression on the acoustic backscattering from herring at normal or near-normal dorsal incidences
Inaccuracy in herring target strength can be an important source of bias in the acoustic assessment of several important herring stocks. New acoustic data on herring target strength (Ona et al.,Expand
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Acoustic backscatter by schools of adult Atlantic mackerel
The extent of acoustic backscatter by schools of adult Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus) is investigated to improve biomass estimates. Previous studies involving modelled scattering fromExpand
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On the target strength of Baltic clupeids
The acoustic backscattering of Baltic clupeids, herring and sprat, is explored to improve biomass estimation of these ecologically and commercially important species. Modelling approaches thatExpand
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Statistical analysis of acoustic echoes from underwater meadows in the eutrophic Puck Bay (southern Baltic Sea)
In order to monitor the recovery of vegetation from pollution and the success of re-seeding efforts, acoustic echoes from the sea floor, covered and uncovered by underwater vegetation, were collectedExpand
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Some aspects of sound extinction by zooplankton.
  • N. Górska, D. Chu
  • Physics, Medicine
  • The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • 29 October 2001
To address the importance of sound extinction (or the shadowing effect) in the presence of a densely aggregated zooplankton layer, acoustic scattering by weakly scattering fluid objects is studiedExpand
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On acoustic multi-frequency species identification and separation of Atlantic mackerel, Norwegian spring spawn herring and Norway pout.
The accuracy of the multi-frequency species identification and separation algorithms may be significantly improved when the detailed acoustic scattering characteristics of the fish are known,Expand
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Study of swimbladder morphometry of baltic herring and sprat (development of measurement methodology)
Effective management of Baltic clupeids, which are valuable commercially and ecologically, requires the biomass control. The acoustical techniques are recognized as effective in fish stockExpand