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Optical implementation of the Hopfield model.
Optical implementation of content addressable associative memory based on the Hopfield model for neural networks and on the addition of nonlinear iterative feedback to a vector-matrix multiplier isExpand
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The Bifurcating Neuron Network 2: an analog associative memory
The Bifurcating Neuron (BN), a chaotic integrate-and-fire neuron, is a model of a neuron augmented by coherent modulation from its environment. The BN is mathematically equivalent to the sine-circleExpand
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Prospects for three‐dimensional projective and tomographic imaging radar networks
Results of a study demonstrating the feasibility of broadband and speckle-free projective imaging of a complex shaped scattering object in the 6-17 GHz range with centimeter resolution are presented.Expand
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Corticonics: the way to designing machines with brainlike intelligence
  • N. Farhat
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • SPIE Optics + Photonics
  • 17 November 2000
Present day neural net and connectionist models of the cortex have not been effective in duplicating higher-level brain function and specially the ability of the cortex/brain to process dynamic inputExpand
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Self-Organization in a Parametrically Coupled Logistic Map Network: A Model for Information Processing in the Visual Cortex
  • R. Pashaie, N. Farhat
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks
  • 1 April 2009
In this paper, a new model seeking to emulate the way the visual cortex processes information and interacts with subcortical areas to produce higher level brain functions is described. We developed aExpand
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Millimeter wave holographic imaging of concealed weapons
Experiments are described in which optical images of small metallic objects were reconstructed from millimeter wave phasigrams (phase-only holograms). Since the well-established term HOLOGRAMExpand
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GBOPCAD: a synthesis tool for high-performance gain-boosted opamp design
A systematic design methodology for high-performance gain-boosted opamps (GBOs) is presented. The methodology allows the optimization of the GBO in terms of ac response and settling performance andExpand
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A low-cost millimeter-wave glow-discharge detector
A low-cost millimeter-wave glow-discharge detector characterized by a responsibility of 0.177 V/W, a rise time of 2.5 µs, and a noise equivalent power (NEP) of ∼10-13W/Hz when used in a synchronousExpand
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A new iterative algorithm for extrapolation of data available in multiple restricted regions with application to radar imaging
A new iterative method for extrapolation of incomplete segmented data available in multiple separated bands is proposed and tested. The method uses the Burg algorithm to find the linear predictionExpand
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Parametrically Coupled sine Map Networks
Due to an inversion symmetry and a bimodal nature, the sine map, defined in R, exhibits bistability which is subject to an attractor-merging crisis. Such dynamical characteristics of the sine mapExpand
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