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Appreciation: individual differences in finding value and meaning as a unique predictor of subjective well-being.
Adler (2002; Adler & Fagley, 2001) argued that being appreciative facilitates and enhances feelings of well-being and life satisfaction, as well as feelings of connection to what we have, to what weExpand
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Appreciation uniquely predicts life satisfaction above demographics, the Big 5 personality factors, and gratitude
Abstract This research was the first to examine whether appreciation explains variance in life satisfaction after controlling for gender, age, ethnicity, the Big 5 personality factors, and gratitude.Expand
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The Effects of Framing, Problem Variations, and Providing Rationale on Choice
Tversky and Kahneman reported a large effect of the framing of decision options on choice. When options were phrased positively in terms of gains, people chose the sure thing. But when options wereExpand
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The Effect of Framing on Choice
Tversky and Kahneman suggested that choice between a "sure thing" and a risky option of equal expected value is affected by option phrasing. When options for fighting an "Asian disease" were framedExpand
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Framing Effects and Arenas of Choice: Your Money or Your Life?
Abstract This paper investigates the consistency of outcome framing effects on choice across two arenas of outcome: human life and money. Past research has yielded notable variability in theExpand
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Correlates of College Retention and GPA: Learning and Study Strategies, Testwiseness, Attitudes, and ACT
This study assessed unique contributions of learning, study, and test-taking strategies; students' attitudes about college; and ACT scores, and linked them to college GPA and to retention. AlthoughExpand
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The effects of decision framing on choice of risky vs certain options
Abstract Tversky and Kahneman (1981 , Science, 211, 453–458) reported that the choice between two decision alternatives of equal expected value, differing only in the degree of risk, wasExpand
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A note concerning reflection effects versus framing effects
A recent article discussing the costs and benefits of judgment errors and presenting a taxonomy of judgment behaviors (H. Arkes, 1991) included an error. This note corrects the error in H. Arkes'sExpand
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Decision framing: moderating effects of individual differences and cognitive processing
Two studies examined the effect of an individual difference variable, need for cognition (NC), and processing of the options on the occurrence of risky choice framing effects. In Study 1 (N=206),Expand
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