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[Study of gallium-67 citrate distribution in rat tumors].
In rats with transplantable tumors of different histological structure, it has been found that gallium-67 is able to be accumulated in increased amounts in all tumors irrespective of their histological type. Expand
[Clinical experience with positron emission tomography with 2-fluorine, 18F-2-deoxy-d-glucose used for the diagnosis of malignant breast neoplasms].
It was shown that PET has a high diagnostic accuracy in breast cancer detection and PET scanning in the "Whole body" mode was allowed to assess dissemination of tumor process with high accuracy. Expand
[An experimental study of the tumor affinity of gallium-67-labelled sphingomyelin liposomes].
The level of accumulation of sphingomyelin liposomes with 67-Ga-labelled aqueous phase in tumor tissue proved higher than that of the vesicles with labelled lipid phase. Presence of cholesterol inExpand
[Use of radionuclide diagnostic methods in the detection of distant metastases of lung cancer].
A study of 115 lung cancer patients has shown that indications to the use of multi-modality gammascintigraphy or its separate variants are as follows: the presence of the clinical manifestations ofExpand