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Chiral symmetry breaking and pions in nonsupersymmetric gauge / gravity duals
We study gravity duals of large N nonsupersymmetric gauge theories with matter in the fundamental representation by introducing a D7-brane probe into deformed AdS backgrounds. In particular, we
Mesons in gauge/gravity duals
Abstract.We review recent progress in studying mesons within gauge/gravity duality, in the context of adding flavour degrees of freedom to generalizations of the AdS/CFT correspondence. Our main
Holographic description of the phase diagram of a chiral symmetry breaking gauge theory
The large N$ \mathcal{N} = 4 $ gauge theory with quenched $ \mathcal{N} = 2 $ quark matter in the presence of a magnetic field displays chiral symmetry breaking. We study the temperature and chemical
Holography of the conformal window
Inspired by the model of Jarvinen and Kiritsis, we present a simple holographic model for the onset of chiral symmetry breaking at the edge of the conformal window in QCD in the Veneziano limit. Our
Limits on a composite Higgs boson.
A fit to precision electroweak data is performed and it is found that a Higgs mass up to 500 GeV is allowed.
Dynamic AdS/QCD and the spectrum of walking gauge theories
We present a simple AdS/QCD model in which the formation of the chiral condensate is dynamically determined. The gauge dynamics is input through the running of the quark bilinear’s anomalous