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Autonomic nervous system and adrenergic receptors in chronic hypotensive haemodialysis patients.
Normotensive haemodialysed patients have increased plasma catecholamine levels with preserved alpha 2- and beta 2-adrenoceptor numbers, as well as beta 1- and 1-adRenoceptor responses, and this downregulation may play a role in the reduced cardiovascular responses to adrenergic stimuli reported in hypotensive HD patients.
[Long term results of living donor kidney transplantation: graft and patient survival].
Better graft and patient survival for living donor kidney transplants in comparison with cadaver donor receptors is demonstrated, which should incentivate authorities, professionals, and patients to promote these therapeutic option by means of adequate information and wider diffusion.
[Autonomic dysfunction in chronic hypotension associated with uremia].
The lower pressor response to hand-grip test observed in hypotensive patients, in spite of the higher catecholamine levels, suggest that in these patients the cardiovascular dysfunction cannot be ascribed to a reduced sympathetic "outflow" but to a resistance of the target organs (heart and vessels) to the sympathetic stimulation.