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This paper presents oxygen, strontium and neodymium isotopic analysis from a series of Late Bronze Age glasses from Egypt and Mesopotamia. It was found that oxygen and neodymium isotopes alone cannotExpand
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Crucible technologies in the Late Bronze–Early Iron Age South Caucasus: copper processing, tin bronze production, and the possibility of local tin ores
The South Caucasus was a major center of metal production in the Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages. Nowhere is this more clear than in the hills and mountains in the southeastern Black Sea regionExpand
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Investigating the spatial organisation of Bronze and Iron Age fortress complexes in the South Caucasus
Abstract The South Caucasus has been largely absent in broader discussions of prehistoric population aggregation in Greater Eurasia. The authors use remote sensing, surface collection andExpand
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Aggregation properties of the chromonic liquid crystal benzopurpurin 4B.
Optical polarization, absorption, and scattering studies along with confocal microscopy reveal that Benzopurpurin 4B forms aggregates of micrometer size at very low concentrations in aqueousExpand
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Late Bronze and Early Iron Age copper smelting technologies in the South Caucasus: the view from ancient Colchis c. 1500–600 BC
Many of the arguments for how and why people began to use iron in Southwest Asia rely on assumptions about the technology and relative organization of copper and iron smelting. However, research onExpand
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The Innovation and Adoption of Iron in the Ancient Near East
This review synthesizes field research, textual analysis, and archaeometric data to evaluate different explanations for the spread of iron in the ancient Near East. Current evidence supports anExpand
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Copper production landscapes of the South Caucasus
Abstract Studies of metal production frequently show a correlation between scale and organizational complexity. The remarkably rich landscapes of metal-producing sites of late 2nd-early 1stExpand
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Iron Age glass beads from Carthage
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The Ebb and Flow of Copper and Iron Smelting in the South Caucasus
Abstract The Eastern Black Sea region of the South Caucasus contains an extremely rich record of metallurgical remains that is poorly known outside of the former Soviet Union. Large numbers ofExpand
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