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Multidimensional assessment of coping: a critical evaluation.
Several existing self-report measures of coping and the relevant research using these instruments are reviewed. Many of these coping measures suffer from a variety of psychometric weaknesses. AExpand
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Assessment of multidimensional coping: task, emotion, and avoidance strategies
Four studies on the psychometric properties of the Coping Inventory for Stressful Situations (CISS) are reported. Study 1 examined the factor structure of the CISS in samples of 832 college studentsExpand
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Coping with coping assessment: A critical review
The recent literature on self‐report measures of coping reactions and strategies is reviewed and critically evaluated. Most of the coping research has focused on assessing several basic copingExpand
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Models of job-related stress and personal achievement among consultant doctors.
The antecedents and outcomes of feelings of job-related stress and personal achievement were studied in a large sample of consultant doctors working in Scotland. In a sample of 333 doctors it wasExpand
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Factorial validity of the 20‐item Toronto Alexithymia Scale
The 20‐item Toronto Alexithymia Scale (TAS‐20) was developed in previous research to measure a general dimension of alexithymia with three inter correlated factors. These three factors reflectExpand
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Coping with Health Problems: Developing a Reliable and Valid Multidimensional Measure.
Current conceptions relating psychological variables to health recognize the key role of coping processes as mediating variables between stress and illness, yet few reliable and valid instrumentsExpand
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State and trait anxiety revisited.
State and trait anxiety theory and assessment are reviewed. The person (trait anxiety) and the situation are important in determining levels of state anxiety. The facet of trait anxiety and theExpand
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Toward an interactional psychology of personality.
Four basic models in personality research (trait psychology, psychodynamics, situationism, and interactionsim) are reviewed and compared with respect to (a) types of laws sought, (b) determinants ofExpand
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Handbook of coping : theory, research, applications
Partial table of contents: CONCEPTUAL ISSUES. Coping and Defense: A Historical Overview (J. Parker & N. Endler). Personality and Coping: A Reconceptualization (P. Costa, et al.). ASSESSMENT ANDExpand
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