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Hierarchical Aggregation for Information Visualization: Overview, Techniques, and Design Guidelines
We present a model for building, visualizing, and interacting with multiscale representations of information visualization techniques using hierarchical aggregation. Expand
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Rolling the Dice: Multidimensional Visual Exploration using Scatterplot Matrix Navigation
We present a method based on scatterplots for visual exploration of multidimensional datasets using structured navigation in data dimension space, trading visual complexity for interactivity to reach a wider audience. Expand
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Exploring the design space of composite visualization
We propose the notion of composite visualization views (CVVs) as a theoretical model that unifies the existing coordinated multiple views paradigm with other strategies for combining visual representations in the same geometrical space. Expand
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Graphical Perception of Multiple Time Series
We explore user performance for comparison, slope, and discrimination tasks for different line graph techniques involving multiple time series. Expand
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Collaborative visualization: Definition, challenges, and research agenda
The conflux of two growing areas of technology – collaboration and visualization – into a new research direction, collaborative visualization, provides new research challenges. Expand
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A Taxonomy of 3D Occlusion Management for Visualization
  • N. Elmqvist, P. Tsigas
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer…
  • 1 September 2008
We classify a total of 50 different techniques for occlusion management using our taxonomy and then go on to analyze the results, deriving a set of five orthogonal design patterns that characterize current work in the field. Expand
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Distributed User Interfaces: State of the Art
  • N. Elmqvist
  • Computer Science
  • Distributed User Interfaces
  • 2011
We summarize the state of the art in the field of distributed user interfaces (DUIs). Expand
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Fluid interaction for information visualization
We attempt to address this issue by collecting examples of visualizations with ‘best-in-class’ interaction and using them to extract practical design guidelines for future designers and researchers. Expand
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Melange: space folding for multi-focus interaction
We propose a new distortion technique that folds the intervening space to guarantee visibility of multiple focus regions. Expand
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Toward Visualization for Games: Theory, Design Space, and Patterns
We use examples from both old and new games of different genres to explore the theory and design space of visualization and data collection in games, starting from SimCity in 1989 and moving to the Black Ops and Halo: Reach of present day. Expand
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