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Do we need dissection in an integrated problem-based learning medical course? Perceptions of first- and second-year students
BackgroundThe introduction of a problem-based learning (PBL) curriculum at the School of Medicine of the University of Melbourne has necessitated a reduction in the number of lectures and limited theExpand
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The place of anatomy in medical education: AMEE Guide no 41
This Guide, a combined work by three authors from different countries, provides perspectives into the history of teaching gross anatomy, briefly, from the earliest of times, through to a detailedExpand
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Surgical implications of variations in hand collateral circulation: anatomy revisited.
OBJECTIVES One of the risks associated with harvesting the radial artery is hand ischemia. Accordingly, this study investigated the variations of the hand collateral circulation. METHODS FiftyExpand
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Reactions of first‐year medical students to their initial encounter with a cadaver in the dissecting room
This study reports the results of a 1986 questionnaire survey of 100 first-year medical students regarding their preparation for and reactions to their first encounter with a human cadaver in theExpand
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The anatomy of the distal vagina: towards unity.
INTRODUCTION Factual presentations of sexual anatomy are required for educational purposes, for clinical and more general communication about sexual matters. To date, unambiguous, accurate andExpand
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Anatomy of the pudendal nerve and its terminal branches: a cadaver study
Background:  This study documents the anatomy of the pudendal nerve, which has a major role in maintaining faecal continence. Unexpected faecal incontinence can develop following perineal surgeryExpand
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Should there be a national core curriculum for anatomy?
Are medical students taught enough anatomy? It is now abundantly clear that there are serious concerns about the level of anatomy taught to medical students. Concerns have been expressed by theExpand
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Ulnar artery as a coronary bypass graft.
BACKGROUND The ulnar artery has been used as a coronary bypass graft in 8 patients when it was deemed unsafe to harvest the radial artery after evaluation of the arterial circulation in the forearmExpand
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Anatomic assessment of hand circulation in harvesting the radial artery.
F or the radial artery (RA) to be harvested safely, a careful assessment of the adequacy of the remaining blood supply of the hand is essential. The modified Allen test and Doppler ultrasound are theExpand
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Lengthening of the gastrocnemius-soleus complex: an anatomical and biomechanical study in human cadavers.
BACKGROUND Lengthening of the gastrocnemius-soleus complex is frequently performed for equinus deformity. Many techniques have been described, but there is uncertainty regarding the precise detailsExpand
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