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Cultural heritage and national identity in Afghanistan
An innate sense of the essence of their culture sustained Afghans through 24 years of conflict and displacement. Although they continue to cherish the diversity of regional differences, individualsExpand
The Family During Crisis in Afghanistan
INTRODUCTIONSome say the family institution in Afghanistan is rapidly deteriorating. Others say the family remains the rampart on which the survival of its people rests. Surely these radicallyExpand
Demographic reporting on Afghan refugees in Pakistan.
Current data sources concerning the estimated 3 million Afghan refugees in Pakistan are reviewed. Separate consideration is given to spatial distribution and population characteristics healthExpand
The Cultural Basis of Afghan Nationalism
Part 1 Prologue: Hijarah in the Islamic tradition Z.I.Ansari refugees and international law, A.K.Pye and W.J.Brian Jr. Part 2 Afghan society: Afghanistan state and society in retrospect, M.N.ShahraniExpand
The women of Afghanistan
Here are answers to some of the questions that may come up during the session. If there are other questions that you do not have answers for, this is fine. Tell the young people that they have comeExpand
An historical guide to Afghanistan
Herat : a pictorial guide
The Demography of Afghan Refugees in Pakistan
Size of population is normally a key to any demographic discussion. Precise figures on the size of the Afghan Refugee population in Pakistan, however. are not available: estimated totals derived fromExpand
An Interpretation of the Role of the Hoopoe in Afghan Folklore and Magic
THE hoopoe (Upupa epops, L.), a colorful bird about ii inches long, with slender black beak, wings striped with broad bands of black and white, russet breast and fan-like crest, is found throughoutExpand