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Subliminal Perception: The nature of a controversy
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On the psychology of military incompetence
  • N. Dixon
  • Psychology, Sociology
  • 1 June 1981
This unique and penetrating book surveys 100 years of military inefficiency from the Crimean War, through the Boer conflict, to the disasterous campaigns of the First World War and the calamities ofExpand
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Hemisphere differences in response rates to visual stimuli
In a series of experiments studying response times to unstructured visual stimuli it was found that visual stimulation going initially to the right hemisphere is responded to faster than stimulationExpand
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A specific gravity calculator for potatoes
Specific gravity is widely used as a criterion for estimating the culinary and processing quality of potatoes (3, 4, 6) . The specific gravity of potato tubers can be determined by floating tubers inExpand
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Miscellanea: Apparatus for Continuous Recording of the Visual Threshold by the Method of “Closed Loop Control”
An apparatus is described for the continuous recording of visual thresholds and the integration of visual thresholds over any given time period. The apparatus provides for the simultaneous butExpand
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On private events and brain events
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Inhibition, unusual perceptual experiences and psychoticism
Abstract The dimensional approach to psychosis suggests that research should focus on the performance of psychiatrically normal individuals on measures derived from the study of psychosis. RecentExpand
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Apparent Changes in the Visual Threshold as a Function of Subliminal Stimulation: A Preliminary Report
A methodological difficulty in the traditional perceptual defence experiment is that of trying to use verbal reports as a measure of threshold changes. The following experiment handles thisExpand
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Changes in the Visual Threshold as a Function of Subception
In a previous paper (Dixon, 1958b) one of the authors reported an experiment which suggested that apparent changes in the threshold for one eye occur as a function of the emotionality of stimulusExpand
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An experiment is reported which examines the issue of perceptual defence by measuring the threshold of one eye during the subliminal presentation to the other eye of anxiety-producing stimulusExpand
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