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Impact of Nitrogen Deposition on the Species Richness of Grasslands
A transect of 68 acid grasslands across Great Britain, covering the lower range of ambient annual nitrogen deposition in the industrialized world (5 to 35 kg Nha–1 year–1), indicates that long-term,Expand
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Nitrogen leaching from European forests in relation to nitrogen deposition
Abstract Forests in Europe currently receive inorganic nitrogen deposition (wet and dry) ranging from less than 1 to more than 75 kg N ha−1 year−1. A survey of nitrogen output from 65 forested plotsExpand
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Changes in species richness and composition in European acidic grasslands over the past 70 years: th
Our study investigates the negative impact of nitrogen (N) deposition on species richness in acidic grasslands, based on a temporal comparison of vegetation data spanning a period of almost 70 years.Expand
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Nitrogen input together with ecosystem nitrogen enrichment predict nitrate leaching from European forests
The IFEF database (Indicators of Forest Ecosystem Functioning), consisting of nitrogen deposition, nitrate leaching fluxes, and soil and ecosystem characteristics, is analysed to evaluate the C/NExpand
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A synthesis of methane emissions from 71 northern, temperate, and subtropical wetlands.
Wetlands are the largest natural source of atmospheric methane. Here, we assess controls on methane flux using a database of approximately 19 000 instantaneous measurements from 71 wetland sitesExpand
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Impacts of atmospheric nitrogen deposition: responses of multiple plant and soil parameters across contrasting ecosystems in long‐term field experiments
Atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition is a global and increasing threat to biodiversity and ecosystem function. Much of our current understanding of N deposition impacts comes from field manipulationExpand
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Synthesis of Nitrogen Pools and Fluxes from European Forest Ecosystems
To investigate which ecosystem parameters determine the risk and magnitude of nitrate leaching we compiled data from published and unpublished sources on dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN: NO3-) inExpand
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Environmental Factors Controlling Methane Emissions from Peatlands in Northern Minnesota
Controls on methane emission from peatlands in northern Minnesota were investigated by correlation to environmental variables and by field manipulation. From September 1988 through September 1990,Expand
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Methane emissions from tundra environments in the Yukon‐Kuskokwim delta, Alaska
Over a 6-week period from July 3 to August 10, 1988, we made measurements of the flux of methane by enclosure techniques from major tundra environments in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta of AlaskaExpand
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Evaluation of organic horizon C:N ratio as an indicator of nitrate leaching in conifer forests across Europe
We evaluate the relationship between the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio (C:N) of the soil organic horizon and nitrate leaching in runoff or seepage water from 33 conifer forests across Europe. The sitesExpand
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