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Integrating animal temperament within ecology and evolution
Temperament describes the idea that individual behavioural differences are repeatable over time and across situations. This common phenomenon covers numerous traits, such as aggressiveness, avoidanceExpand
Behavioural reaction norms: animal personality meets individual plasticity.
Recent studies in the field of behavioural ecology have revealed intriguing variation in behaviour within single populations. Increasing evidence suggests that individual animals differ in theirExpand
Quantifying individual variation in behaviour: mixed-effect modelling approaches.
Growing interest in proximate and ultimate causes and consequences of between- and within-individual variation in labile components of the phenotype - such as behaviour or physiology - characterizesExpand
Fitness consequences of avian personalities in a fluctuating environment
Individual animals differ in the way they cope with challenges in their environment, comparable with variation in human personalities. The proximate basis of variation in personality traits hasExpand
Behavioural syndromes differ predictably between 12 populations of three-spined stickleback.
Animals often differ in suites of correlated behaviours, comparable with how humans differ in personality. Constraints on the architecture of behaviour have been invoked to explain why suchExpand
Repeatability and heritability of exploratory behaviour in great tits from the wild
We investigated whether individual great tits, Parus major, vary consistently in their exploratory behaviour in a novel environment and measured the repeatability and heritability of this trait. WildExpand
Natal dispersal and personalities in great tits (Parus major)
Dispersal is a major determinant of the dynamics and genetic structure of populations, and its consequences depend not only on average dispersal rates and distances, but also on the characteristicsExpand
Evolutionary and ecological approaches to the study of personality
This introduction to the themed issue on Evolutionary and ecological approaches to the study of personality provides an overview of conceptual, theoretical and methodological progress in research onExpand
Natural selection and animal personality
Summary Recent progress has been made on the study of personality in animals, both from a mechanistic and a functional perspective. While we start knowing more about the proximal mechanismsExpand
Pairs of extreme avian personalities have highest reproductive success
1. Intraspecific variation in reproductive decisions is generally considered as a reaction to environmental circumstances. We show that variation in reproductive parameters also covaries withExpand