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Homoisoflavonoids: natural scaffolds with potent and selective monoamine oxidase-B inhibition properties.
A series of homoisoflavonoids [(E)-3-benzylidenechroman-4-ones 1a-w, 3-benzyl-4H-chromen-4-ones 2a-g, and 3-benzylchroman-4-ones 3a-e] have been synthesized and tested in vitro as inhibitors of humanExpand
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Antiviral activity of substituted homoisoflavonoids on enteroviruses.
The antiviral activity of homoisoflavonoids, a class of flavonoids, was determined in vitro against a large panel of enteroviruses. The inhibition of viral replication was monitored on BGM (BuffaloExpand
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Synthesis and Anti-Rhinovirus Activity of 2-Styrylchromones
2-Styrylchromones were synthesized as vinylogues of 2-phenylchromones (flavones), a broad class of anti-rhinovirus compounds. The antiviral activity of 2-styrylchromones andExpand
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Synthesis and Anti-Rhinovirus Properties of Fluoro-Substituted Flavonoids
Fluoro-substituted flavones and 2-styrykhromones, related to natural and synthetic flavonoids previously described, were prepared, characterized and tested for anti-rhinovirus activity. StructuralExpand
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Effect of chloro-, cyano-, and amidino-substituted flavanoids on enterovirus infection in vitro.
Synthetic flavans, isoflavans and isoflavenes substituted with chloro, cyano and amidino groups were tested for their in vitro activity against poliovirus type 2, Coxsackie virus B4, echovirus type 6Expand
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Synthesis and Evaluation of Antirhinovirus Activity of 3-Hydroxy and 3-Methoxy 2-Styrylchromones
Recently, we identified 2-styrylchromones as a new class of antirhinovirus flavonoids with moderate activity against both rhinovirus groups A and B. In order to improve the antiviral effect of theExpand
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New 4H-chromen-4-one and 2H-chromene derivatives as anti-picornavirus capsid-binders.
Substituted (E)-3-styryl-4H-chromen-4-ones 1a-d, 3-[(1E,3E)-4-phenylbuta-1,3-dienyl]-4H-chromen-4-ones 2a-d, (E)-3-styryl-2H-chromenes 3a-d and 3-[(1E,3E)-4-phenylbuta-1,3-dienyl]-2H-chromenes 4a-dExpand
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Synthesis and Antirhinovirus Activity of Cyano- and Amidino- Substituted Flavanoids.
Abstract Cyano and amidino flavans, isoflavans and 3(2H)-isoflavenes were synthesized in order to study their in vitro antirhino-virus activity, by comparison with the known corresponding chloroExpand
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Synthesis and Anti-Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Integrase Activity of Hydroxybenzoic and Hydroxycinnamic Acid Flavon-3-yl Esters
A series of new hydroxybenzoic and hydroxycinnamic acid flavon-3-yl esters were synthesized in order to obtain compounds targeting the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) type 1 integrase (IN). TheExpand
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Novel Pyrazole-Containing Compounds Active against Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
In this study, a series of 49 five-membered heterocyclic compounds containing either a pyridine- or a pyrrole-type nitrogen were synthesized and tested against Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Among them,Expand
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