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Asymptotic Backstepping Stabilization of an Underactuated Surface Vessel
Under realistic assumptions, it is shown that there exists a natural change of coordinates that transforms the whole dynamical system into a cascade nonlinear system, and the control problem of the resulting system can be reduced to the stabilization of a third-order chained form. Expand
A decoupled fuzzy indirect adaptive sliding mode controller with application to robot manipulator
This paper presents a decoupled adaptive fuzzy Sliding Mode Control (SMC) for robotic manipulators for a class of Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) systems with unknown non-linear dynamics. Expand
Global stabilisation and tracking control of underactuated surface vessels
In this study, the authors solve the problem of uniform global asymptotic stabilisation and global exponential tracking for an underactuated ship with only two propellers. A unified backsteppingExpand
Second-order sliding mode approaches for the control of a class of underactuated systems
In this paper, first-order and second-order sliding mode controllers for underactuated manipulators are proposed and a twisting, a super-twisting and a modified super-Twisting algorithms are presented respectively to overcome the associated chattering phenomenon. Expand
High accurate and wideband current excitation for bioimpedance health monitoring systems
Abstract Current sources are critical for the performance of bioimpedance health monitoring device. The challenging features for a high accuracy and wide bandwidth voltage controlled current sourceExpand
Investigation of Long Time Beef and Veal Meat Behavior by Bioimpedance Spectroscopy for Meat Monitoring
Maturation state of meat influences its fibers structure and conductivity and leads to observable changes of its complex impedance. The relationship between the postmortem state and the change ofExpand
Distributed Synchronization Control to Trajectory Tracking of Multiple Robot Manipulators
The proposed decentralized control law is extended to an adaptive synchronization control taking into account parameter uncertainties to address the time delay problems in the network communication channels and robustly synchronizes robots to track a given trajectory. Expand
Hardware/software approache for the FPGA implementation of a fuzzy logic controller
This paper presents different approaches to design and implement a fuzzy logic controller (FLC) for an intelligent parking system (IPS). In recent years fuzzy logic has been adopted for scientificExpand
New mass description in mammographies
A new mass description dedicated to differentiate between different mass shapes in mammography is presented to reach a better mammography classification rate to be used by radiologists as a second opinion to make the final decision about the malignancy probability of radiographic breast images. Expand
Nonlinear Formation Control of a Group of Underactuated Ships
This paper addresses a nonlinear formation control of a group of underactuated ship at a dynamic level of planar formation control, while holding a desired inter-ship formation pattern. In particularExpand