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Graph Theory with Applications to Engineering and Computer Science (Prentice Hall Series in Automatic Computation)
  • N. Deo
  • Computer Science
  • 1 March 1975
Graph Theory with Applications to Engineering and Computer ... This outstanding introductory treatment of graph theory and its applications has had a long life in the instruction of advancedExpand
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Algorithms for Generating Fundamental Cycles in a Graph
The following problem is considered: Given an undirected, connected graph G, find a spanning tree in G such that the sum of the lengths of the fundamental cycles (with respect to this tree) is minimum. Expand
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On Algorithms for Enumerating All Circuits of a Graph
A brief description and comparison of all known algorithms for enumerating all circuits of graph is provided, and upper bounds on computation time of many algorithms are derived. Expand
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Computing a Diameter-Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree in Parallel
We present a one-time treeconstruction algorithm that constructs a DCMST in a modified greedy fashion, employing a heuristic for selecting edges to be added to the tree at each stage of the tree construction. Expand
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Shortest-path algorithms: Taxonomy and annotation
We have evolved a classification scheme to characterize algorithms for solving shortestpath problems. Expand
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A New Encoding for Labeled Trees Employing a Stack and a Queue
A novel algorithm for encoding finite labeled trees is proposed in this paper. Expand
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Parallel Algorithms for Maximum Subsequence and Maximum Subarray
We present two O(log n)-time parallel algorithms — one for finding the maximum subsequence sum of a given sequence, and the other forfinding the maximum subarray sum of an array. Expand
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Parallel heap: An optimal parallel priority queue
We describe a new parallel data structure, namely parallel heap, for exclusive-read exclusive-write parallel random access machines. Expand
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Discrete Optimization Algorithms: with Pascal Programs
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