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A review of mitigation methods for overvoltage in long-cable-fed PWM AC drives
The phenomenon of overvoltage at motor terminals in long-cable-fed PWM AC drives poses a severe stress on motor insulation systems. The overvoltage is typically caused by the high change rate of theExpand
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Modeling and Parametric Design of Permanent-Magnet AC Machines Using Computationally Efficient Finite-Element Analysis
In this paper, the CE-FEA method is presented and applied to a parametric design study for an interior-permanent-magnet machine. Expand
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Multi-Objective Tradeoffs in the Design Optimization of a Brushless Permanent-Magnet Machine With Fractional-Slot Concentrated Windings
In this paper, a robust parametric model of a brushless permanent magnet machine with fractional-slot concentrated windings, which was developed for automated design optimization is presented. AExpand
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Calculation of magnet losses in concentrated-winding permanent magnet synchronous machines using a Computationally Efficient - Finite Element method
The proposed hybrid method combines Computationally Efficient-Finite Element Analysis (CE-FEA) with a new analytical formulation for eddy-current losses in the permanent magnets (PMs) of sine-wave current regulated brushless synchronous motors. Expand
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Automated Multi-Objective Design Optimization of PM AC Machines Using Computationally Efficient FEA and Differential Evolution
The design optimization methods described in this paper are employing an ultrafast computationally efficient finite element analysis technique. A minimum number of magnetostatic solutions are usedExpand
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Induction Machine Broken Bar and Stator Short-Circuit Fault Diagnostics Based on Three-Phase Stator Current Envelopes
A new method for the fault diagnosis of a broken rotor bar and interturn short circuits in induction machines (IMs) is presented. Expand
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Large-Scale Design Optimization of PM Machines Over a Target Operating Cycle
A large-scale finite element model-based design optimization algorithm is developed for improving the drive-cycle efficiency of permanent magnet (PM) synchronous machines with wide operating rangesExpand
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Calculation of Magnet Losses in Concentrated-Winding Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machines Using a Computationally Efficient Finite-Element Method
The proposed hybrid method combines computationally efficient finite-element analysis (CE-FEA) with a new analytical formulation for eddy-current losses in the permanent magnets (PMs) of sine-wave current-regulated brushless synchronous motors. Expand
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Design optimization of spoke-type ferrite magnet machines by combined design of experiments and differential evolution algorithms
In this paper, a combined design optimization method utilizing Design of Experiments (DOE) and Differential Evolution (DE) algorithms was implemented to provide practical insights in theExpand
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Saliency Ratio and Power Factor of IPM Motors With Distributed Windings Optimally Designed for High Efficiency and Low-Cost Applications
This paper uses formal mathematical optimization techniques based on parametric finite-element-based computationally efficient models and differential evolution algorithms. For constant-powerExpand
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