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Dynamical Critical Scaling of Long-Range Interacting Quantum Magnets.
This work analytically determines the quantum contribution to the residual heat as a function of the quench rate δ by means of a Holstein-Primakoff expansion about the mean-field value.
High-Contrast Interference of Ultracold Fermions.
The experiment combines on-demand state preparation of highly indistinguishable particles with high-fidelity detection, giving access to two- and three-body correlations in fields of fixed fermionic particle number.
Nonperturbative renormalization group treatment of amplitude fluctuations for |φ | 4 topological phase transitions
The study of the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition in two-dimensional ${|\ensuremath{\varphi}|}^{4}$ models can be performed in several representations, and the amplitude-phase (AP) Madelung
Metastability and discrete spectrum of long-range systems
  • N. Defenu
  • Medicine, Physics
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  • 31 December 2020
The spectrum of systems with power-law decaying couplings remains discrete up to the thermodynamic limit, showing that several traditional results on the chaotic nature of the spectrum in many-body quantum systems are not satisfied in the presence of long-range interactions.
Effects of energy extensivity on the quantum phases of long-range interacting systems
We investigate the ground state properties of one-dimensional hard-core bosons interacting via a variable long-range potential using the density matrix renormalization group. We demonstrate that
Criticality and phase diagram of quantum long-range O( N ) models
Several recent experiments in atomic, molecular and optical systems motivated a huge interest in the study of quantum long-range %spin systems. Our goal in this paper is to present a general
Fixed-point structure and effective fractional dimensionality for O(N) models with long-range interactions.
An improved method to describe the full theory space of the models where both short- and long-range propagator terms are present and no a priori choice among the two in the renormalization group flow is done is proposed.
Anisotropic long-range spin systems
We consider anisotropic long-range interacting spin systems in $d$ dimensions. The interaction between the spins decays with the distance as a power law with different exponents in different
Quantum scale anomaly and spatial coherence in a 2D Fermi superfluid
A distinctive manifestation of a quantum anomaly is discovered in the momentum-space dynamics of a two-dimensional (2D) Fermi superfluid of ultracold atoms and the power-law exponents that characterize long-range phase correlations in the system are modified by the quantum anomaly.
One-dimensional long-range percolation: A numerical study.
An order-N Monte Carlo algorithm is introduced and test and a formulation of the algorithm for bond percolation on general graphs is presented, with order N efficiency on a large class of graphs including short-range percolations and translationally invariant long-range models in any spatial dimension d with σ>0.