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Gas chromatographic retention indices of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes on methyl silicon and Carbowax 20M phases
Gas chromatographic retention indices (Kovats' indices) are a valuable aid in the identification of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes in essential oils and related natural and synthetic products. Some
A photosynthetic alveolate closely related to apicomplexan parasites
This corrects the article to say that the author of the paper is a post-graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the article was originally written by a PhD student.
Hyperpolarizing vasodilators activate ATP-sensitive K+ channels in arterial smooth muscle.
In arterial rings the vasorelaxing actions of the drugs diazoxide, cromakalim, and pinacidil and the hyperpolarizing actions of vasoactive intestinal polypeptide and acetylcholine were blocked by inhibitors of the ATP-sensitive K+ channels, suggesting that all these agents may act through a common pathway in smooth muscle by opening ATP- sensitivity channels.
Hormonal changes during non-climacteric ripening in strawberry
The pattern of changes in the levels of the hormones are different from those reported in another well studied non-climateric fruit, grape, suggesting that a single consistent pattern of hormone changes does not occur in this group of fruit during ripening.
A single aspartate residue is involved in both intrinsic gating and blockage by Mg2+ of the inward rectifier, IRK1.
The effects on channel function of changing an aspartate residue (Asp172) in a membrane‐spanning alpha‐helix of the murine inward rectifier, IRK1, by site‐directed mutagenesis are described and the consequences for channel structure are discussed.
Gas chromatographic quality control for oil of Melaleuca terpinen-4-ol type (Australian tea tree)
Detailed GC and GC-MS analyses of oil of Melaleuca have identified several constituents not previously reported from Melaleuca alternifolia and clarified some earlier assignments. The range, mean,
Auxin Biosynthesis in Pea: Characterization of the Tryptamine Pathway1[W][OA]
A compound-based approach in pea (Pisum sativum), detecting potential precursors by gas chromatography/tandem-mass spectrometry and synthesizing deuterated forms of many of the intermediates involved, and using them to quantify the endogenous compounds, and to investigate their metabolic fates.
Angiotensin II inhibits rat arterial KATP channels by inhibiting steady‐state protein kinase A activity and activating protein kinase Ce
The results indicate that KATP channels are activated by steady‐state phosphorylation by PKA at normal intracellular ATP levels, and that Ang II inhibits the channels both through activation of PKCε and inhibition of PKA.
EARLY FLOWERING3 Regulates Flowering in Spring Barley by Mediating Gibberellin Production and FLOWERING LOCUS T Expression[C][W]
It is found that GA is required for flowering and inflorescence development in spring barley grown under long-day conditions and that the GA-dependent control of flowering in barley is independent of FLOWERING LOCUS T1 activity.
The effect of intracellular pH on ATP‐dependent potassium channels of frog skeletal muscle.
The results are discussed in relation to the possible function of KATP channels in skeletal muscle during exercise, and the effect of pH described here differs from findings in cardiac muscle and pancreatic B‐cells.