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Particulate matter (PM) concentrations in underground and ground-level rail systems of the Los Angeles Metro
Abstract Elevated concentrations of particulate matter (PM) have been found in a number of worldwide underground transit systems, with major implications regarding exposure of commuters to PM and itsExpand
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Spatial and temporal variation of chemical composition and mass closure of ambient coarse particulate matter (PM10-2.5) in the Los Angeles area
To study the seasonal and spatial characteristics, as well as chemical composition of coarse (2.5–10 μm) particulate matter (PM), 10 sampling sites were set up in different areas (urban, semi-rural,Expand
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Particulate metals and organic compounds from electronic and tobacco-containing cigarettes: comparison of emission rates and secondhand exposure.
In recent years, electronic cigarettes have gained increasing popularity as alternatives to normal (tobacco-containing) cigarettes. In the present study, particles generated by e-cigarettes andExpand
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Comparison of carcinogen, carbon monoxide, and ultrafine particle emissions from narghile waterpipe and cigarette smoking: Sidestream smoke measurements and assessment of second-hand smoke emission
The lack of scientific evidence on the constituents, properties, and health effects of second-hand waterpipe smoke has fueled controversy over whether public smoking bans should include theExpand
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Seasonal and spatial variation in dithiothreitol (DTT) activity of quasi-ultrafine particles in the Los Angeles Basin and its association with chemical species
A year-long sampling campaign of quasi-ultrafine particles (dp < 0.25 μm) was conducted at 10 distinct sites representing source, urban and/or near-freeway, rural receptor and desert locations acrossExpand
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Impact of roadside noise barriers on particle size distributions and pollutants concentrations near freeways
Abstract Increasing epidemiological evidence has established an association between a host of adverse health effects and exposure to ambient particulate matter (PM) and co-pollutants, especiallyExpand
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Direct measurement of toxicants inhaled by water pipe users in the natural environment using a real-time in situ sampling technique
While narghile water pipe smoking has become a global phenomenon, knowledge regarding its toxicant content and delivery, addictive properties, and health consequences is sorely lagging. One challengeExpand
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Characterization, sources and redox activity of fine and coarse particulate matter in Milan, Italy
Abstract The correlation between health effects and exposure to particulate matter (PM) has been of primary concern to public health organizations. An emerging hypothesis is that many of theExpand
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Global perspective on the oxidative potential of airborne particulate matter: a synthesis of research findings.
An emerging hypothesis in the field of air pollution is that oxidative stress is one of the important pathways leading to adverse health effects of airborne particulate matter (PM). To advance ourExpand
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Chemical composition of size-resolved particulate matter at near-freeway and urban background sites in the greater Beirut area
Abstract To characterize road-traffic emissions in the greater Beirut area, size-resolved PM 10–2.5 , PM 2.5–0.25 and PM 0.25 samples were concurrently collected at near-freeway and background sites.Expand
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