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An electron microscope study of evaporating small particles: the Kelvin equation for liquid lead and the mean surface energy of solid silver
An electron microscope study of evaporating liquid lead particles, formed on carbon substrates by nucleation from the vapour, has led to a confirmation of the Kelvin equation which relatesExpand
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Vapour pressure over curved surfaces-the Kelvin equation
Abstract The exponential form of the Kelvin equation which relates equilibrium vapour pressure to surface curvature and surface energy has, until recently, remained unconfirmed. Previous efforts haveExpand
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Surface Energy and Evaporation Rate of Spherical Particles of Radii less than 500 Å
THE vapour pressure of both liquid and solid particles is expected, on thermodynamic grounds, to differ from that of the bulk material. Investigations of the increased vapour pressure for sphericalExpand
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The measurement of inner potentials for copper, silver and gold
Measurements of the inner potentials for copper, silver and gold using the Yamaguti method have been made, yielding 13.4, 17.8 and 21.4 volts respectively. These values are compared with previousExpand
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The measurement of the inner potential of diamond
The combined effect of refraction and diffraction on a beam of high energy electrons (in the range 40 to 45 kV) has been used to make measurements of the inner potential of diamond. An average valueExpand
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Singular behaviour of small crystallites near the melting point
DURING an extension of some recent in situ electron microscope investigations into the melting of small particles1,2, some unexpected effects at temperatures near the melting point were observed forExpand
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The measurement of inner potential for diamond, germanium and silicon
Measurements of the inner potentials for diamond, germanium and silicon have been made using the Shinohara method and Kikuchi lines. In the case of germanium, a method has been derived which allowsExpand
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Practical Methods in Electron Microscopy Vol 1
A M Glauert (ed) Amsterdam: North-Holland 1972 pp viii + 444 price $3450 This book, nominally divided into two parts, is really a three part publication, part II being subdivided into two ratherExpand
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Lattice parameter changes in thin films of bismuth
The lattice spacings of thin films of bismuth have been measured (as a function of film thickness) using an electron diffraction method. The films, which varied in thickness between about one andExpand
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The Electron-Beam Shadow Method of Investigating Magnetic Properties of Crystals
Publisher Summary This chapter presents the electron-beam shadow method of investigating magnetic properties of crystals. Magnetic-powder techniques have shown that needle- or plate-shaped magneticExpand
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