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Structural Investigations of Chitin and Its Deacetylation Products
The structure of crab chitin and chitosan from it with various degrees of deacetylation (DDA) are studied by x-ray diffraction, IR spectroscopy, and microscopy. Deacetylation causes substantialExpand
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Interaction of drugs with microcrystalline cellulose at the molecular and supermolecular levels
Various drug compositions based on plant substances (allapinin and microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) have been studied before and after micronization with the aid of x-ray-diffraction,Expand
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The Structures and Physicochemical Properties of Mixtures of Water-Soluble Polymers
Because data on structure, component interaction, physical properties, and compatibility of polymer blends containing native polysaccharides is very sparse, we have used optical and electronExpand
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Cellulose supramolecular structure changes during chemical activation and sulfation 2nd ICC 2007, Tokyo, Japan, October 25–29, 2007
Abstract Cotton cellulose has been sulfated in the presence of organic solvents (methanol, ethanol, iso-propanol and via chlorosulfonic acid-pyridine complex, and a mixture of concentrated sulfuricExpand
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Study of the partial O-alkylation of cotton cellulose
The O-alkylation of cotton cellulose with monochloroacetic acid has been studied. A change in the sequence of addition of the components to the reaction mixture enables the course of the reaction toExpand
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Correlation between the conditions of fabrication and structure of cotton cellulose for viscose formation
The effect of different regimes for each stage of fabrication of cotton cellulose on its supermolecular structure was evaluated by electron microscopic methods. It was shown that rigorous conditionsExpand
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Structure and properties of apple pectin
Some molecular and structural features of apple pectins obtained by various methods have been revealed through an analysis of the results of physical and physicochemical investigations.
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Structural investigations of enterosorbents based on natural silk
Features of an enterosorbent based on the fibroin of natural silk hydrolyzed in acid and alkaline solutions have been investigated by x-radiographic, electron-microscopic, and sorption methods. ItExpand
Properties of the Polycomplex of Apple Pectin with Benzimidazolyl-2-methylcarbamate Hydrochloride after Micronization
X-ray diffraction, microscopic, and sorption studies of benzimidazolyl-2-methylcarbamate hydrochloride (BMCHC) with various types of pectin showed that the structure of the mixtures depends on theExpand
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