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The Impact of Conservation on the Status of the World’s Vertebrates
Assessing Biodiversity Declines Understanding human impact on biodiversity depends on sound quantitative projection. Pereira et al. (p. 1496, published online 26 October) review quantitativeExpand
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Global patterns of freshwater species diversity, threat and endemism
Aim Global-scale studies are required to identify broad-scale patterns in the distributions of species, to evaluate the processes that determine diversity and to determine how similar or differentExpand
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Freshwater crabs and the biodiversity crisis: Importance, threats, status, and conservation challenges
Freshwater ecosystems in the tropics host a diverse endemic fauna including freshwater crabs, but the rapid loss and deterioration of habitat means that many species are now under imminent threat.Expand
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Global diversity of crabs (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura) in freshwater
An assessment of the global freshwater crab diversity is presented. A total of 1,476 species in 14 families are currently known from all zoogeographical regions (except Antarctica), including 1,306Expand
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Evolution of Afrotropical freshwater crab lineages obscured by morphological convergence.
We use sequence data derived from six DNA gene loci to examine evolutionary and biogeographic affinities among all freshwater crab families. With an emphasis on the Afrotropical fauna that includesExpand
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Implications of bias in conservation research and investment for freshwater species
Human population growth and economic development threaten the integrity of freshwater ecosystems globally, reducing their ability to support biodiversity and provide ecosystem services. However, ourExpand
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Insular species of Afrotropical freshwater crabs (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura: Potamonautidae and Potamidae) with special reference to Madagascar and the Seychelles
The evolutionary relationships between island and mainland faunas of the 24 species of insular freshwater crabs in the Afrotropical region are reviewed in the light of phylogenetic studies. TwentyExpand
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A revision of the higher taxonomy of the Afrotropical freshwater crabs (Decapoda: Brachyura) with a discussion of their biogeography
The higher taxonomy of the 20 known genera of Afrotropical freshwater crabs is revised to reflect the evolutionary relationships revealed by the consensus of a series of recent morphological andExpand
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