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Much-support as a last resort
In this article I present evidence for Bresnan's (1973) proposal that there is an underlying QP within the adjective phrase and that a distinction should be made between two types of functionalExpand
The syntax of left branch extractions
Sodium carbonate is formed by reaction between particulate sodium aluminate in solid form, and carbon dioxide and water vapor in gaseous form. Expand
The Internal Syntax of the Dutch Extended Adjectival Projection
This paper is concerned with the phrase structural and word order properties of the (extended) adjectival projection, a phrase structural domain which has received relatively little attention in theExpand
Predication in nominal phrases
The main theoretical subject of this paper is the symmetry between nominal and verbal projections. It is demonstrated that predication exists in the nominal domain, in a way quite similar toExpand
Predicate Movement in Pseudopartitive Constructions
  • N. Corver
  • Computer Science, Economics
  • 15 October 1998
The copy theory of movement
Based on previous work by Boskovic (2001, 2002, 2004a,b) and Nunes (1999, 2004), this chapter discusses a considerable amount of evidence involving A-movement, A'-movement, head movement, and remnantExpand
Left branch extractions and DP