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Anti-Muslim Hate Crime and the Far Right
Changing course or changing clothes? Reflections on the ideological evolution of the British National Party 1999–2006
ABSTRACT Copsey examines the ideological development of the British National Party (BNP) under the leadership of Nick Griffin. Until recently, Griffin's programme of ‘modernization’ had consideredExpand
Anti-fascism in Britain
Acknowledgements List of Abbreviations Introduction Origins and Development of Anti-fascism 1923-1935 Opposition to British Fascism 1936-1945 'Never Again': Anti-fascism 1946-1966 'The National FrontExpand
Contemporary British Fascism: The British National Party and the Quest for Legitimacy
Back to Front': John Tyndall and the Origins of the British National Party The Struggle for the Soul of British Nationalism A False Dawn in Tower Hamlets: The British National Party in the 1990sExpand
A review of accidents and injuries to road transport drivers
This review presents reports of work-related road transport accidents, near misses, and other effects relating to ill health that give details concerning the causes and effects of the accidents. TheExpand
British National Party : Contemporary Perspectives
Introduction: Contemporary Perspectives on the BNP Nigel Copsey Part 1: Ideological and Cultural Politics 1. Modernising the Past for the Future Graham Macklin 2. Race and Racial Difference: TheExpand
Sustaining a mortal blow? The British National Party and the 2010 general and local elections
ABSTRACT In this article Nigel Copsey explores the British National Party's 2010 general and local election campaign and the political responses to it in two key BNP target constituencies (BarkingExpand
Varieties of anti-fascism: Britain in the inter-war period
Preface Notes on Contributors Introduction: Historians and the Study of Anti-fascism A.Olechnowicz PART I: POLITICAL PARTIES Communist Culture and Anti-fascism in Inter-war Britain T. Linehan 'EveryExpand