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Rapidly rotating atomic gases
In this article, we review developments in the theory of rapidly rotating degenerate atomic gases. The main focus is on the equilibrium properties of a single-component atomic Bose gas, which (atExpand
We present a discussion of the linear thermoelectric response of an interacting electron gas in a quantizing magnetic field. Boundary currents can carry a significant fraction of the net currentExpand
Measuring the Chern number of Hofstadter bands with ultracold bosonic atoms
Chern numbers characterize the quantum Hall effect conductance—non-zero values are associated with topological phases. Previously only spotted in electronic systems, they have now been measured inExpand
Optical flux lattices for ultracold atomic gases.
  • N. Cooper
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review letters
  • 12 January 2011
We show that simple laser configurations can give rise to "optical flux lattices," in which optically dressed atoms experience a periodic effective magnetic flux with high mean density. TheseExpand
Topological Kondo effect with Majorana fermions.
The Kondo effect is a striking consequence of the coupling of itinerant electrons to a quantum spin with degenerate energy levels. While degeneracies are commonly thought to arise from symmetries orExpand
Propagating Magnetic Vortex Rings in Ferromagnets
It is shown that bulk ferromagnets support propagating nonlinear modes that are analogous to the vortex rings, or ``smoke rings,'' of fluid dynamics. These are circular loops of magnetic vorticityExpand
Quantum phases of vortices in rotating Bose-Einstein condensates.
We investigate the ground states of weakly interacting bosons in a rotating trap as a function of the number of bosons, N, and the average number of vortices, N(V). We identify the filling fractionExpand
Reaching fractional quantum Hall states with optical flux lattices.
We present a robust scheme by which fractional quantum Hall states of bosons can be achieved for ultracold atomic gases. We describe a new form of optical flux lattice, suitable for commonly usedExpand
Scattering theory for Floquet-Bloch states
Motivated by recent experimental implementations of artificial gauge fields for gases of cold atoms, we study the scattering properties of particles that are subjected to time-periodic Hamiltonians.Expand
Stable skyrmions in two-component Bose-Einstein condensates.
We show that stable Skyrmions exist in two-component atomic Bose-Einstein condensates, in the regime of phase separation. Using full three-dimensional simulations we find the stable Skyrmions withExpand