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‘There are Really Two Cities Here’: Fragmented Urban Citizenship In Tel Aviv
type="main"> The inflow of African migrants into Tel Aviv's southern neighborhoods has aroused much resentment from long-term residents. Contesting the uneven burden sharing, which exacerbatesExpand
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Ranks of Completions of Partial Matrices
For an n-by-m array with some entries specified and the remainder free to be chosen from a given field, we study the possible ranks occurring among all completions. For any such partial matrix theExpand
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On solving the Lyapunov and Stein equations for a companion matrix
When the matrix A is in companion form, the essential step in solving the Lyapunov equation PA + ATP = −Q involves a linear n × n system for the first column of the solution matrix P. The complexExpand
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The Lyapunov order for real matrices
Abstract The real Lyapunov order in the set of real n × n matrices is a relation defined as follows: A ⩽ B if, for every real symmetric matrix S, SB + B t S is positive semidefinite whenever SA + A tExpand
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Rights Beyond Borders: Everyday Politics of Citizenship in the Israeli Diaspora
This article examines the process by which Israeli migrants define, perceive and negotiate their diasporic citizenship rights and duties as regards their home state. Rights are a bundle of symbolicExpand
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Primary Subacute Epiphyseal Osteomyelitis: Role of Conservative Treatment
Primary subacute epiphyseal osteomyelitis is a rare disease. Owing to its insidious onset, mild symptoms, and inconsistent supportive laboratory data, diagnosis and treatment are usually delayed. TheExpand
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A necessary and sufficient criterion for the stability of a convex set of matrices
A Hurwitz stability criterion for the convex hull of two matrices, due to C.R. Johnson (1976), is generalized to the case of any compact convex set of matrices. It is shown that the same criterion isExpand
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Frequency response envelopes of a family of uncertain continuous-time systems
Amplitude and phase envelopes of a family of interval rational transfer functions of continuous-time systems are derived. A finite number of intervals on the real frequency axis are explicitlyExpand
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Convex invertible cones and the Lyapunov equation
Abstract Convex cones of matrices which are closed under matrix inversion are defined, and their structure is studied. Various connections with the algebraic Lyapunov equation of general inertia areExpand
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A pair of matrices sharing common Lyapunov solutions—A closer look
Abstract Let A , B be a pair of matrices with regular inertia. If HA + A * H and HB + B * H are both positive definite for some Hermitian matrix H then all matrices in conv( A , A −1 , B , B −1 )Expand
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